Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Well...it's hard to believe, but we're nearly at the end of a week here in Darwin. It's been an action packed week....so I'll try and condense it all into as small a space as possible.

We arrived on Thursday, took Heather round the sights to find our bearings...and we had Maccas...cause we hadn't seen one for awhile. After that we went back to the van and got organised to go to the Mindil Beach Market. We got there around 630pm and stayed until after 10pm. While there we ate exotic foods, drank strange concoctions of fruit juice and bought the odd thing or too. We caught up with Chris L (from CPS) for a short while and quickly exchanged goss...and while walking around, we were approached by Anthea C from Carisbrook Primary School....so that was amazing...as she was on a ski trip. Got some lovely photos of Bec, Heath etc on the beach...and a good one of Georgia with the sun going down on the sea.

On Heather's last full day, we hit Casuarina Shopping Centre...looking for bargains. The day was spent doing retail therapy...and after that we headed to Cullen Bay (that's right Ellie B....Cullen) Marina....where we went on a sunset cruise of Darwin Harbour. It was magic....and the sunset was awesome. The cruise went for awhile and I was feeling a little sick after it. We drove around to Stokes Hill Wharf and sat above the sea on the wharf...eating whatever took our fancy. I went for an authetic Laksa...and it was beautiful.

We got up at 5am the next day and said a sad goodbye to Heather...who flew back to Melbourne. The girls cried nearly all day....as they really missed their Grannie and I think Georgia is finding it difficult now being so far from her friends. She really misses school! I tell you now...Heather was a breeze to take away...never complains, always helps and always has something great to say about the scenery!

The next few days were filled in with Bec and Georgia have a pedicure and then they took me to the movies to see Eclipse.....mmmmmm...it was OK. Dad, Mum and Frey went to Shrek Forever 3D and really enjoyed that. On Sunday we went to the Northern Territory Museum...and it was awesome....especially since it's free. It's full of Aboriginal Art, displays on wildlife, a Cyclone Tracy exhibit and a real/stuffed model of a 6/7m crocodile named "Sweetheart" that they caught up here in one of the rivers. He was huge...yes a he! Named after Sweetwater Billabong or something. We went to Aquascene Fish Feeding that afternoon...and the girls and I fed thousands of wild fish that come in on high tide each day. Very good...but costly to see a natural phenomenon. On the way home we revisited the Mindill Beach Markets again and had tea there.

On Monday, we organised ourselves and went to the Territory Wildlife Park. This park is dedicated to showcasing the wildlife of the Top End. It was pretty good....especially the aquarium (with weird animals like sawfish, saratoga etc.) and the Bird Free Flight Show....where Georgia and Freyja got to hold a Rufous Owl on their arm. The also had pictures taken with a Pacific Baza and a Bookbook Owl. On the way back to Darwin we stopped at Berry Springs. Wow! What an awesome place....a bit like Mataranka...but much bigger and deeper....but not quite as warm. Georgia, Freyja and I got on top of a thermal waterfall and just lay there looking up at the palms above us or the pandanus lining the sides of the creek.

Today we went into the city to do some shopping and then went to the new Waterfront Precinct to enjoy the wave pool. Georg, Frey and I had a ball riding the waves and enjoying the hot weather.

We have a day left here, so might go back to Berry Springs or the girls want more shops....we'll see if we can compromise!

We're still enjoying ourselves and we love the park we're staying in (Free Spirit Resort)....happy hour every evening while the girls swim in the pool....can't get much better.


  1. Dear MBFG
    Sounds like your adventures have taken over sooooooooooo awesome!!!!!
    Just wondering was the city very big in Darwin or not.
    Really MISSIN U Georgia
    Hope Mrs.Mac got home safely
    Love to hear more soon

  2. Darwin is a bit like an oasis after the travel up. Looking forward to seeing the changes up there, especially the new waterfront precinct. Gary and I swam at Berri springs a couple of times, it is great. Had noodles and just lazed in the water.
    Georgia you must have enjoyed holding onto the raptors.
    The evening cruise sounds great also.
    Must have been a good feeling for you and Bec not having to go to school this week!!
    Weather is still very chilly down here, we have not had a winter like this in many years.
    You certainly have had an action packed holiday, making the most of it, you will all have some wonderful long lasting memories. Where to next?

  3. Hi Guys, Sitting here in the cold and wet weather thinking of you all swimming. Berry Springs was a favourite of mine. Just had a great day with Stephen Graham. Watched a lesson with my Gr 2 on exposition. Awesome! Make the most of your awesome adventures. Tell Frey that Emilee is back from Panang and missing her at school. Glad Georgia is having a ball too.

  4. Cullen Bay eh?

    Eclipse was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G
    i cried at the end!

    ♥ Ellie

  5. Gday MBGF,

    We have enjoyed catching up on all of your travels after our holiday. It has been very cold and wet here......so please send some of the warm weather our way.

    Term 3 is well under way and we have Energy Breakthrough training starting this weekend.

    Bella's Birthday Today!!!

    "I am quite pleased about the pedicures and shopping sprees and wish I was in your position" (Lynae) (and all the girls.....)

    "The crocs must have been huge!!!!!! The wave pool looked like fun!" (Breanna)

    "I wish I was still up there" (Mrs. L)

    "I wish I had been there." (Mr. O)

    "What is a pedicure?" (Alex)

    Lots of love and see you soon.

    4/5/6 Fruities!

  6. Hi MBFG
    This is Mr.P's grade our last message didn't send so here it is.
    we all really miss you all. Sounds like all your adventures have been fun and exciting.
    Here is our grades messages:
    miss you guys heaps hope your haveing fun love morgs
    hi mr.pearce i hope your having fun and tell gorgia I said hi
    from davinia
    hi guys hope your having fun by brodie
    Hi Mr.P sorry i have not been typing latley my computer is not working nad it won't send anyway looks like you are having a good time, no mosquitoes that would be sooooooooooooooooo good. You know the crocs you saw they look so cool i have always wasnted to see a real croc can't wait till your next post say hi to everyone for me Ellie Leishman :-D. hi hope u all are haveing a fantastic holiday have fun from Ebony:)
    Hi Guys, Hope you are are having a great holiday!!! From Aimee :)
    Hi l hope you are having a great time travelling in the northern terriory
    From Jess L
    hi, hope your having the best time travelling around bAustralia!!!!! From Georgie!
    Hey MBFG. How are you going on your huge trip around the nation. It sounds quite awesome.
    Hey G,
    Miss you heaps, I can't wait for you to come back, tell you everything!
    xx Love Annabelle
    Mr.P i am so so so sorry but i read the Twilight Saga...again i couldnt resised. i won't do it again (until next year)i have other stuff to read now so.... yeah, have a good holiday from Ellie (Twilight)
    Hey I hope all of you have had a GREAT time
    from Kath
    hay mr.p whenyou come back can you please show us somethings from your extra long holiday. From Lateasha
    Hi guys -just a quick note to let you know that the class is going well and all has been quiet on the Western Front. In fact we seem to now have a good understang of each other and having a lot of fun! It's ok Matt we are still getting a lot of work done. PS also developing a good relationship with quite a few parents. They are a great lot of kids and I have enjoyed working with them! cheers Colin. Im sure the trip ahs been fantastic - ENJOY!!!!

    As much fun as your holiday sounds i'm sure you would love to hear what were have been doing. We have almost finished The Hobbit and we have continued the wall with the chapter names on it too. We have also started our new I.C topic on Natural Resources. Mr.Bean has invented a maths games that we hope we continued when you return.
    We all hope you are having a great holiday and we miss you heaps.
    (guess you know who wrote this now ;))

    From.... Your Grade

  7. Hey MBGF,

    Sounds like you are having lots and lots of fun. photos are great. Hope to hear more soon.
    from Jess Evans

  8. Hi MBGF you didn't even need to look at who wrote Cullen bay AH...., the whole thing has gone so fast, but love the pictures they look like you took Mr.O's camara. Looks like there are heps of things to see there, i laughed when i saw georgia's face when she was holding the bird, but it would of been a bit scary. I really wish i was up there with you ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssooooooooooooooooooooooooo sssssssssssssssssssoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssooooooooooooooooooooooo ect much, anyway can't wait for your next post

  9. Kath...no...Darwin not very big at all....only around 100,000...smaller than Geelong...but quite a tropical and attractive place. Great beaches too...but can't swim...cause the big three will get ya....crocs, sharks or stingers!

    Golivers...the girls loved holding the birds. My favourite was the Baza though! You're right about Berry Springs....beautiful! My favourite so far has been easily Kakadu....Jim Jim Falls and Gunlom are so much nicer than the Litchfield falls...just harder to get into! Lol...but worth it...so you guys will have to do it when you're up here

    Deb...we forgot Greg's thongs. Sure you're sad about that! Lol. Swam in Florence for you...beautiful spot. Glad you're enjoying the big SG man...his PD is awesome. Will tell Frey about Emilee...she's missing her.

  10. Hey Fruities...Lynae and Co....the girls loved their pedicure...Georgia had tangerine nail polish put on to go with the tan...lol... Alex...if you want to know what a pedicure is...ask Lynae... Sure Mrs L and Mr O would love to be here....don't blame them really....it is beautiful...

    Happy Birthday Bella! Ding dong! Hope you had a great day.... A big hug from G!

    Howdy MR BEAN and MR BEAN'S CLASS....aka My class! Lol.... Thankyou guys for the messages. Enjoyed hearing from those of you that haven't had a chance to send a message before. Thanks to the Twilight Fan for writing the message too! Good job! We are in Litchfield National Park now....yesterday I swam in Berry Springs....then at lunch I swan im Buley Rockholes and then in the arvo I swam in Florence Falls...so I guess you could say I'm doing a lot of swimming! They are all beautiful spots too! Hoping to do a new post tonight for you to read!

    Mr B...sounds like things are going well. Glad to hear it mate. Enjoy your last few weeks with the crew. As you said, they are a great bunch

    Hear from you all soon...

  11. no problem Mr.P

    Eclipse was ok?!??!!?!?!
    are you kidding me????!?!!!!??!!


    you WILL hear from me when you get back!

    Ellie (Twilight

  12. hi MBGF,

    sounds lik you r all having a good time or more lik the time of your life . it frozen down here i would love the warm weather.

  13. Ellie...Mrs P and G went to see it again. I didn't bother!

    Kara: Great to hear from you. I have heard that it is frozen down there....and guess what? I'll be coming down there soon to freeze with you all! Lol...