Sunday, July 4, 2010


's certainly warm weather now. Could hardly sleep because of the heat and the mosquitos in Cooinda are like black darts...stabbing into you all of the time! No sheet needed for the night and your alarm is the dingoes at 5am...or the first lot of tourist going off to Yellow Waters Breakfast Cruise. So...we were up early and off we went to Warradjan Cultural Centre...which was very interesting and had some great Aboriginal art and artefacts.

After that we drove 100km South....still in Kakadu to a turn off...from here it was 37km in to Gunlom on a dirt road...apparently 2WD recommended. Let me tell you something...2WD my foot! It was so corrugated and rough! We perserved though and went the 37km....which took an hour! Lol.... When we got there, we had lunch at a little canteen and then Bec, Georg, Frey and I set off to climb the falls. Mum, Dad and Heather went to the base of the falls to swim in the plunge pool rather than do the steep/hard walk up and down the falls.

The walk up was steep and hard in the 34 degree heat. Frey was red in the face...or black actually, as she was covered in dirt from scrambling over rocks. The climb was worth it...absolutely magnificent views over Southern Kakudu...Jawoyn country. Even better still...the top of the falls has little pools and cascades that you swim we swam and splashed in all of this little pools and took lots of pics. One pool is called the Infinity Pool because if you swim in it, it looks like infinity the waterfall plunges down behind it! Awesome. Bec's and my favourite thing yet of the trip. Just magic!

After the hot walk down, we went to cool off in the base plunge pool...then we had the 37km bumpy ride out! bump bump....and on the way out we drove through several fires....lit by the traditional owners to control the smoke everywhere...

We did the Yellow Waters Cruise the next morning....530am we were up...on the bus by 615am and on the water by 645....for two hours. We saw the sunrise over the wetlands and then spent the time cruising up and down seeing sea eagles, brolga, jabiru, whistling ducks, pygmy geese, egrets, herons....and best of all....lots of jacanas...and better still...lots of baby jacanas running around all over the tops of the lily pads! Georgia thought this was magic. The cruise was awesome.

We then went back to the resort for a huge buffet name could eat we didn't need any lunch that day! We were filled up on bacon, eggs, breakfast sausages, hash browns, baked beans, muffins, danish, croissants, toast, yoghurt, fruit, cereal, juice, tea, coffee and real coffee too!

The rest of the day was spent lazing in the beautiful resort pool....and Dad and I flicked a few lures around in Home Billabong...but we had no luck!

That night we had tea in the resort bistro...and I enjoyed a barramundi served with lots of fries and salad....beautiful! Cooinda really was an awesome place to stop!

Sorry no pics yet....still Internet Kiosk access so can't post pics...Will fill up all of the pages when I can....onto Jabiru (still in Kakadu) next!


  1. The falls sound awesome. Glad you enjoyed the cruise. The young Jacanas are cute especially when they jump under the parents wings and their little feet hang out. Still cold down here!We have been spending some time tonight planning our trip to Qld in September, starting to get excited - 9 weeks to go. I suppose Heather will be flying home soon - what a horrible thought for her.
    All well down here.
    Have you tried your air con in the van? I said I would never venture up that way again without it - bit soft I know!! Keep enjoying.

  2. Hi MBFG sounds like a lot like magic!
    Must be having a lot of fun up there.
    Holidays are going well so far.
    Miss you all
    from Kath.D

  3. Hey everyone,
    Its been absolutely freezing down here!

    Really missing you all, Georgia especially, cant wait to see you!

    Btw those mozzies sound terrible,
    Love Annabelle!

  4. Hey Annabelle....G is really missing you girls. She wants to come home now! air con use...feel guilty being warm while everyone down there we suffer through the 22 degree nights without a sheet on. The 26 degree night was horrible though....almost put it on then! Heather went home yesterday morning...traveled from 32 degrees to 12! Poor bugger. We miss her already....such a dag and enjoys everything you show her and never complains. She's welcome on any trip I go on!

  5. are the most dedicated follower out! Might have to organise a special prize for you!