Sunday, July 25, 2010

"Heartbreak Hotel" CAPE CRAWFORD + MT ISA

We weren’t going to blog for here....but it was kinda interesting.

After the scary drive down to Daly Waters (there’d been a massive smash and a couple in a caravan had been killed), we took the left turn to Cape Crawford. The highway was more like a goat track and it took ages to go the 270km to Cape Crawford. Once there we set up in the caravan park behind The Heartbreak Hotel and laughed at the toilets...named Elvis (men) and Pricilla (women). We had tea there that night and paid too much for an average steak and some chicken kievs.

In the morning we were up early and off by 7am. We had to carry fuel with us because of the 375km without fuel. The Tablelands Highway was a joke! I tell you guys back home....the roads around Majorca, Mount Cameron and Red Lion are more “highway” than this was. Every time another car came, you had to get off the road. Every five minutes you had to stop for cattle too...which were all over the road.

Apart from this though...we loved the it was nature city! We counted over 30 wedge tail eagles....saw 5 Australian Bustards, drove through a flock of flock bronzewing pigeons and saw about 1000 Australian Pratincoles along the was an amazing drive. Gary and would be your dream drive!

It took over 5 hours to go 375km. We had lunch at the Barkly Homestead (very clean and well organised), then did the 450km to Mount Isa....OMG....we didn’t get into the park until 7pm and we had been in the car for 12 we were a little today we’re resting in Mount Isa. That’s right....we’re in Queensland now!

We spent the day in Mount Isa resting. We slept in until we wanted and enjoyed having the luxury of an ensuite powered site. At lunch time, we ventured down the street, had a look around, bought a few things and had lunch at the Isa Hotel...awesome Hotel and great food! After lunch, we went and had a look at OUTBACK AT information was OK. The girls were busting to go to this fun park, so we drove there and they had fun on the flying foxes and other zappy/cool play equipment in this new, huge playground. It even has a waterpark and a scooter/skateboard town/track. Our verdict on Mt Isa.....we love it! What an awesome place....and quite beautiful too!

Tonight we take it easy...get ourselves organised and head off road for 3 nights. You probably won't hear from us for a few days....or even be able to see you all on the other side!


  1. Hi Georgia,

    Soooo, you have seen ze bastards! Well done girl! We've really enjoyed reading about the trip. You will have some great stories to tell when you get back. Can't wait to see your photos!


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  3. Dear MBFG,
    Sounds Sooo good I cant belive that you are coming back in under 2 weeks!!!!!!
    I'm really missing you all especially georgia!!!
    Really fun drive must have been a bit scary though.
    Love Kath
    P.S Ellie I got 2nd post!!!

  4. Dear Pearce's!,
    missing you all terribly!
    Today we were all excited, (only 10 days left!)
    By the way Georgia, there is a disco on the 6th of August/ i think that is the day you get back...
    The theme is glam, the Stars of movies and music! Really hope you can come!!!!!!!!!!

    Xx Lots of Love from Annabelle!

    P.S K I got 3rd (Yay!)

  5. Gday MBGF,

    It sounds like you guys are having an absolute blast. We really enjoyed reading about ze bustards. It must have been hard to drive for 12 hours! Did you have your DS's fully charged?

    Things here have been good. Peer support training has finished and the students all enjoyed the experience. Especially the fish n chips and the lollies.

    Energy breakthrough has been cold, but all the kids are enjoying improving their fitness and learning about the trikes.

    Georgia and Freyja, you will be pleased to know that you can now purchase Big M, juice and milk from the meal deals at school.

    Sport shed has recommenced and 5/6O are working hard to maintain the program. 5/6P will do it next term.

    Hope you guys are well. Can't believe that we will all see you again in a week. We are sure that it will be a tearful reunion.

    "The playground sounded fun" Will
    "I am going good at EBT" Kurtis
    "I am going to Port Douglas!" Riley
    "Thank you for the post card!!!" Bella
    "I wish I was in your position!" Breanna
    "I miss you!!!" Georgia!
    "I miss you" Maddy
    "I miss you" Bella
    "I miss you" Danae
    ......."I miss you" EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!
    "Come back soon!!!!" Zach

    Take care guys!


  6. hello all

    cant wait until you get back!!!

    ♥♥♥♥♥ X 100000000000000


    PS: cantt believe no-one has asked how to do the hearts...?

  7. Hi Pearces,
    What a fantastic experience and gorgeous photos - really capture that feeling of the wide open road and the vast outback. Also loved the pics from Katherine Gorge - just stunning.

  8. OMG georgia!!

    I just got the postcard!!!!

    I am missing you terribly!!
    I almost cried when I got ur postcard and I am almost crying now!!!

    It IS very very cold down here!

    I hope I can see you on Friday!!

    Anywayzz Miss you seriously badly and can't stand it much longer so I hope the next 4 days go super super fast!!!

    Lots of Love to you all!!!

    XX Annabelle!♥♥♥

    PS lol Ellie I copied the hearts!!♥

    C U soon!

  9. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  10. YAY!see you all soooon!


  11. Georgia I Cant wait till you get back i hope you enjoyed your holiday too
    Also thanks for the postcard it looked great.
    MISS YOU SO MUCH and MBf!!!
    Love Kath