Saturday, July 17, 2010


Once we packed up the caravan in the Free Spirit Resort in Darwin, we were off for about 5 minutes...until we saw Palmerston we detoured in to get a morning coffee. Yummo!

After about 35km, we returned to Berry Springs for another swim. It was great getting into the warm water at 10am in the morning for a good paddle around. Bec, Mum and Dad even got in this time and we all took turns getting under the thermal waterfall.

After the swim, we had a coffee in the van and set off for Litchfield. It only took less than an hour and we were at our park: Litchfield Tourist and Van Park. We were really happy with the park, as we set up under swaying palms and it is so much quieter than the noisy Darwin park (it was right on the highway). We set up our vans and took the short drive in to Buley Rockhole (we're in the closest van park to the main attractions).

Once at Buley, we swam in little deep pools, that would trickle over rocks into the next deep pool...and so on...and so forth. We spent over and hour changing pools every 10 some were very deep, some had cascades and some were like spas. Bec was in her element...lazing around in natural spas! Mum tried to get in and Dad did and ended up on his bum! Hurt his arm a little...and his pride. It was awesome swimming around...except when a Merten's Water Monitor decided to join everyone in the should have seen everyone stand up and look around then. Lol!

After Buley, we went to Florence Falls....(fond memories hey Deb?)....where Mum, Dad and Bec didn't feel like attempting the 140 steps down...and 140 steps back they stayed at the lookout over the falls. Georg, Frey and I went down to the falls and had a quick swim. We went right out into the the cascading water...and stuck our heads under for a drenching. Georgia had a noodle to swim with, while Frey was using a life jacket (thanks again A and M!).... The plunge pool was quite deep and in spots you could see huge rocks below you and logs. We saw lots of sooty grunter swimming around too. Check out the photo and look for the people swimming with noodles: that's GF and I and the photo was taken looking down from the lookout! After the swim, we walked back up to the lazies and went back to the park.

The next day, we rested and took off into the park late. We stopped at the Tabletop Swamp first for a look at this beautiful paperbark lined swamp which was covered in white waterlilies. Next was Tolmer Falls...a beautiful spot where you can only look down into the falls from a lookout. Unfortunately no one is allowed to go to the base due to colonies of endangered bats! We took a few good shots there....and then Dad, Frey, Georg, Bec and I did the Tolmer Creek walk back to the car (Mum took the short cut). We got some great shots of along the creek, with us bathing our feet in the cool water.

After Tolmer, we drove to Litchfield Cafe for lunch....we needed coffee and something to eat...and it was a good little spot! After here we went to Wangi Falls for a look. It's a beautiful spot...but honestly...none of the falls here measure up to the ones in Kakadu! Jim Jim Falls and Gunlom are truly mind boggling! It's just that not many people can get into them and they're very is 38km in on a rough dirt road and the other is 58km in on a rough 4WD road.

We did the treetop walk at Wangi and walked over the top of it and down the other side. Beautiful views. You couldn't swim though due to high water levels and crocs. Very inviting!

Mum and Dad shouted drinks and icy poles and after that Bec, Frey, Georg and I drove to Greenant Creek. We walked from there to Tjaetaba Falls through monsoon rainforest and open woodland. It was a beautiful walk. When we got there, we swam above the falls (not allowed to below the falls due to it being sacred) in a little rockhole right on the edge of the falls drop off. We had to tell Frey to stay away from the edge. On the way back Frey conked out in the car and went to sleep using a water bottle as a!

Today we went into the town of Batchelor to have a coffee at the Butterfly Farm. Then we toured through the farm...and it wasn't very good. Hardly any butterflies and not very well organised. I think we've been spoilt going to the Melbourne Zoo all of those years!
In the arvo, we went back to the spots we enjoyed we did the Shady Creek Walk into Florence Falls...and this time Bec got in. I told her Deb said it was she did it! The whole time she was worrying about crocodiles and the big fish swimming around under her. Lol. Frey used the life jacket and Georg used a noodle again, as it is quite deep in spots.

After Florence, we returned to Buley so we could have our rejuvenating spa treatments again. Bec and I sat in one rockhole with the falls rushing past our backs and enjoyed the peace and the two girls were enjoying swimming in the next rockhole. On the way home we checked out the Magnetic and Cathedral termite mounds. The magnetic ones look like something from Doctor Who or a sci-fi movie, while the cathedral mounds are massive...I've included a picture of one for you to enjoy!

We've enjoyed Litchfield....but have to our opinion....Kakadu wins by a mile!

Anyhoo....hello to all of those people who read this, but don't know how to leave a comment. Believe us...there are a lot of family, friends and school associates who still haven't figured it to those that have....aren't you clever!

Post soon!


  1. To MBFG Sounds awesome like the pics of G+F and the waterfalls funny pic of Freyja.
    Missing you all lots especially Georgia.
    ENORMOUS termite mound.

  2. sounds fun guys!!!

    cant wait to hear more

    Georgia you missed a great EBT training Sunday (its was freeeeezing!)


  3. Hey MBGF, Sounds like you are having lots of fun. Missing you all lots especially Georgia. Love all the pictures.
    Can't wait to hear more. From Jess

  4. Goodness me, lots and lots of swimming. You will all need to come home for a rest!!

  5. hey guys!
    sounds like your all having fun!!

    Mr.p i ahev been doing crosswords and stuff like that lately and i need to know what the 'Surivor' island is called... do you know??

    please and thankyou!


  6. Gday MBGF,

    Transition today! The grade 6 kids are all here reading your blog just before we get on the bus to head into MEC.

    Luuuurve reading your stories and looking at all of the photos. The termite mound is huuuuuuuuuuuge! Amazing stuff.

    Great news! Zach Greed has just won a scholarship to Highview for next year. We are all very proud of him along with Georgie and Ellie. Great achievement for our students.

    Peer support training has started and the kids are enjoying the experience. Apparently something strange is going to happen to me next Tuesday.....still not sure what, but I am thinking of changing schools.

    "Maybe next time" Riley
    "Hope you are having lotsa fun" Kaitlyn
    "Miss you all come back soon!" Zach H
    "hiiiii" Ellie L and Davinia
    "Wish I was you" Morgan
    "I know what a pedicure is now" Alex
    "Brenton was ere" Brenton
    "I'm moving at the end of next week" Lateasha
    "I have my second National Competition round this weekend" Brodie

    Hope you guys are all well. As you can tell, the kids (and teachers) miss you all very much. Talk soon and looking forward to seeing you soon.



  7. Having a read of blog while doing planning on yet another cold day in Brook. Love the great photos. Good on you Bec for braving Florence falls. Keep havig a ball as it all ends too quickly.

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  9. Hey MBGF,
    Missing you all lots and lots. The waterfalls look lovely. Sounds like you all are having fun. Love reading your blog. At school we are having fun doing poetry. Learning a lot. Can't wait till you come back.
    From Jess Evans

  10. Hi Jess, Ellie, Kath....thanks for you posts girls. The termite mound was huge! Massive in fact. Georgia is missing home a lot and wishes she was at EBT. Don't worry...plenty of training here....lots of huge walks...up stairs and down...up to 10km a day and heaps of swimming....Ellie...Survivor is filmed on all different not sure which island you want...although EXILE island is in a few of's the place they vote you off to, to be nasty!

    Fruities...great to hear from all of you. Hope your transition day was awesome. Bet it was. Thanks for each of your messages...some exciting news there....Lateasha moving to a new house, Brodes going into another comp, Alex knowing what a pedicure more! Thanks to each of you that commented!

    Debra! Great to hear from you luv. Planning on a freezing day...sounds great! As you said...all too soon! Arrrgggh. No, actually...we're starting to have that feel where you miss home and everyone...even me!

    Golivers....swim swim swim...and more swim....we should be super fit and look as good as models...but we don't! Can't figure that one out!