Tuesday, June 29, 2010


No...we haven't dropped off the face of the earth...just no Internet service and no McDonalds anywhere for free service. Tonight I've got an Internet booth, but can't post pics due to no flash drive access. Hope to soon though!

The drive to Tennant Creek from Alice was interesting. Aileron was an interesting stop with a huge Aboriginal man with a spear looming over the roadhouse from the hill behind. Beside the roadhouse there's a huge statue of an Aboriginal mother and child too. They are probably around 6 metres tall and look very effective out in the dry landscape.

Next stop was The Devils Marbles. Wow! Couldn't get over how many of them there were. That Rainbow Serpent really did lay a lot of eggs in the Dreamtime! We had lunch there....quite warm too, so had to sit beneath boulders to get out of the sun/heat. After a quick bite and cuppa, we walked around the rocks/boulders and then took off for Mataranka.

When we got there, we only just squeezed into the Homestead Campground and ended up in a bus area. It was a nightmare finding a site, as you just go where you want and hope you're lead is long enough...it's all just dust and ghost gums too....and half the power points don't work either! Finally we got settled and went down to Rainbow Thermal Pool...and it was awesome. A constant 34 degrees in the water. The pool is lined with huge native palms and the water is a jade green colour and flows quite quickly through the pool. No bats either....thanks to the sprinkler system that have installed to scared them away!

Got a few birds here too Golivers! Pheasant Coucal, Greater Bowerbird and shining flycatcher.

On the second day we went to a market....or really a car boot sale (around 5 stalls all up!) and then went and saw a free Barra feeding show in a lagoon. That was interesting, as the man hand feeds barra and then grabs them, lifts them clear out of the water and shows everyone! The fish didn't smile for my photo though. Georgia was lucky enough to feed one using a fishing rod (with no hook though!).

After the fish feeding, we went to Bitter Springs. This spring is much nicer than the commercial one, as it's less crowded, is much bigger and felt even hotter. You get into the spring (which looks like an aqua clear creek) and float down the stream/spring for about 800m between palms, paperbark trees, logs etc. The scary part is you float under heaps of huge spider webs that have massive orb spiders sitting in them, looking at you...."The spiderman is having me for dinner....tonight!". Anyway...once I got over the shock and learnt not to look up, Frey, Georg, Dad and I took to floating down the river (as the current is quick) on pool noodles. Frey actually used a life jacket....thanks Andrew and Mandy for that! It's been very useful.

We got Bec, Heather and Mum in too. That was hilarious, as they all enjoyed it, but didn't do it again. Don't think they liked the "natural" features of the pond, like spiders, weeds, slimy logs, water bugs, etc.

After a bbq tea, Dad, Frey, Georg and I went on a night walk. We walked along the waterhouse river and spotlighted.... On the way we killed around 12 cane toads....Georgia was the best at spotting them! Frey didn't like how their guts came out of their mouths when Pop or I stomped on them though!!! Lol...but we explained how we were doing our bit for the environment! When we went to the river, there was a large freshwater croc. just sleeping on a log where the thermal water flowed into the river! The s loved that! We also saw a lot of agile wallabies.

In the morning, we had a decent coffee in town (hard to find up here) and went canoeing on the Waterhouse River. Dad and Frey were in one canoe and Georg and I in another. We spent an hour going under pandanus palms, around logs and up and down the small creek paddling away. We saw heaps of birds too: flycatchers, bee-eaters, azure kingfishers, ies and more. We even had a large freshwater croc swim across in front of our canoe. Cool!

After lunch we went back to Bitter Springs to do it all again. We floated down stream and had a ball in the 30 degree sunny weather. I'm sunburnt! The only thing different about this time was we had Merten's Water Monitors crawling along the bank in the weeds. Cool! Georg and I did a bit of snorkelling too, as the water is crystal clear and quite deep...so you can see all of the logs and weeds and things. I even caught a little native turtle in the main pond...but let him go! Of course!

We had tea at the resort and had fun talking to Kev, John and Jenny from Hollands Buslines in Maryborough! They bought in 4 busloads and surrounded our van with 150 Year 11 students. Groan! But, they were quiet and we managed to have a good sleep.

Tonight I'm in Cooinda...which is in Kakadu. I'll write about here soon...but I'll give you the hot tip....it was 34 degrees here today and it was stinking hot! Right now it's 9pm and i'm sitting in wet bathers and a tank trying to stay cool!

Anyway...off to spot crocs off the jetty in the dark with a torch. Greg tells me their eyes glow red in the dark...so hope I see some red neons over the billa !

Hope you're happy now Brett.....the latest addition is up mate! Shaun....met a guy Reynolds here...works for Qantas in Yulara and knows you...plays cards with ya! Small world hey!

Thursday, June 24, 2010


After our leisurely day yesterday, we got up and got going to explore the West Macdonnell Ranges. Mum, Dad, Heather, Frey, Georg, Bec and I piled in the Kluger and we were off by 9am. First stop was Flynn's grave, then onto Simpsons Gap. This was a beautiful spot with a dry creek bed and waterhole in a gap of the ranges. The funniest moment was when one of the school kids on an excursion looked at the sand in the creek and said "So this is where they get kitty litter from!"....Lol...and you know what? It did look like kitty litter! Picture of Simpsons Gap below.

After Simpsons, we drove for around 40km to Stanley Chasm. This incurred a fee of $8 but was really worth it. The walk up was magnificent, we the little creek flowing between cycads and red rocks. When we got to the Chasm we walked through it, marvelling at how close the walls are and how small you feel while inside. See picture below.

Next on the agenda was Ellery Creek Bighole. This was a fav. of mine! A huge deep waterhole full of fish....wedged between cliffs and surrounded by ghost gums. When I stood in the water, the water was so cold it hurt! No kidding! Absolute icicles!!!!! Even the s had trouble staying in and they love water. The hole was full of fish and many were dying....or ....apparently part of the natural cycle in desert waterholes. We sat down in the 22 degree sunshine and had a picnic lunch. Gee this is hard! Pictures below for you to enjoy....

After Ellery we went on to Serpentine Gorge. This was an extremely rough 5km dirt track in and then a 1.3km walk through long grass with grasshoppers and lizards everywhere. Bec got a little freaked out! But.....it was so worth it. Serpentine Gorge is beautiful...with a deep pool between two towering walls and a red cliff face beyond, glowing in the sunlight! The gorge was filled with the sound of zebra finch coming in to drink!

Next on the journey was The Ochre Pits....an ancient place where Aboriginals used to collect high quality ochre for their art and decoration. Dad, the s and I walked along the dry creek bed looking at the amazing colours on the wall. Dad and Georgia caught a little lizard too....and returned him to the wild after a little squiz.

Ormiston Gorge was next. This gorge is perhaps most well known and was absolutely beautiful. It was also full of water....stopping people from doing some of the longer walks, unless they wanted to wade through icy water! We were on limited time, so we looked around, talked to a backpacker who was washing (Heather told him to use soap) and got some nice pics for you to enjoy.

Finally we got to Glen Helen Gorge/resort, where we walked along the Finke River (the oldest river in the world) to the beautiful gorge...which was glowing in the arvo sun. By this stage Georg and Frey were totally over gorges....Lol! Our last stop was a lookout where you could see Mount Sonder....a mountain that famous Aboriginal Albert Namatjira used to paint. We had a long drive back in the twilight....red hills aglow!

After tea, Mum, Dad, Frey and I sat around 3 bonfires in the park and listened to a musician play. He was amazing and took requests....so I got in "Sweet Child of Mine", "Angel of Harlem", "Throw Your Arms Around Me" and "Patience". He was awesome.

After a great sleep, we were up and at them again....and off to the East Macdonnell Ranges. The weather was warmer too....24 degress...so out came the shorts and ts!

First stop was Emily Gap. A beautiful spot with a waterhole and some Aboriginal rock art. We took a shot of the sign for Aunty Em back home in Maryborough. Enjoy!

Next was Jessie Gap. Another beautiful spot with a waterhole and Aboriginal rock art, but not as good quality art. We took a shot of the sign for cousin/neice Jessie back in Cheltenham. Enjoy!

After a little drive, we came to Corroboree Rock. This was a dolomite outcrop of rock in the middle of nowhere...and really interesting. We really loved walking around the outcrop through the spinifex!

We went to Trephina Gorge next and enjoyed a clifftop walk, looking down into the gorge, that was flowing quite steadily with water. The views along the cliff were beautiful, with rust red rocks plunging onto white sand and ghost gums..... Once at the end of the walk, you got to walk back through the creek and gorge! Beautiful. We ate a banana and mandarin for a snack and returned to the car....before heading to Ross River Resort....should of listened Deb...not worth the drive!

Once back in Alice, we got lunch and stocked up on groceries ready for the next few days in isolated areas. We had pancakes after tea courtesy of the strawberry/pancake van that goes to Energy Breakthrough every year. They do the winter stint up here as it's good for business.... The rest of the night has been packing up and getting ready for the trip tomorrow.

To all of you reading back at school....or anyone reading that goes to school...enjoy the holidays. The Brook crew thoroughly deserve them...and Laura....if you are reading....have a fantastic trip to Europe with Adam. Can't wait to hear all about it!

Catch you guys again soon....

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Before you read....I've put the King's Canyon pictures in now if you want to have a look...

We were up and at 'em early in Kings Canyon. We left by 8am and thought of everyone beginning a new week back at school....especially Craig due to his return to work. We travelled well and even saw wild brumbies alongside the road. By 12 we had reached Erldunda...so we stopped for lunch and paid $7 of a latte! Rip off!!!!!!

The drive to Alice was awesome....beautiful ranges and rock outcrops. We got to town around 2pm and set up in our caravan park. The park has 2 jumping pillows, 3 pools, 2 playgrounds and heaps more....very spoilt!

After setting up, Heath, Bec, Georg, Frey and I went into town to buy a new digital camera, as mine had died in Kings Canyon. The shopping centre is pretty basic and most of the main street (Todd Mall) is taken up with art galleries selling expensive Aboriginal Art....the ones we like ranged from $3000 to $30,000 so we gave it a miss.....

After shopping we drove back to the park and got ready to go out for tea. We went to Bojangles (thanks to a recommendation from Deb, Greg, Mills and Nikas) and had tea for Mum's birthday. I had the outback grill and it was beautiful....there was an emu sausage, a kangaroo steak, a crocodile rissole, a buffalo medallion and camel kebab....all of which were very tasty! While we were in Bojangles, friends and family could watch us via webcam. The girls were dancing for Brett, Bev, Jess, Em, Fitty, Madi, Nikas, Millsy and Georgia....who commented that our Georgia has some pretty good dance moves! Not sure who else watched! We ate next to a cage of snakes and organised a huge chocolate treat plate as Mum's birthday cake.

When we drove home, a song came on the radio...."This is dedicated to Matt, Bec, Frey, Georg and Heather....have a great trip....Nikas, Millsy and kids!" How funny!!!! Bojangles runs one of the stations and you can request songs via the Internet for visitors. Not sure about the choice of song Nikas: Mamma Mia!
After a good sleep, we got up and hung around the park, doing washing, having cups of coffee and relaxing/reading. I saw a few new birds....got some babblers Gary!!! Gee they are funny birds.... A Port Lincoln Ringneck even perched on our van!

When we were ready, we went into town, looked at a few more galleries, then had lunch at a food court. After lunch we went out to the Desert Park. This is an amazing animal park, showcasing life in the desert. You walk through woodlands, sandplains, claypans and more. We saw all of the birds of the desert and when we went into the nocturnal house, we saw scorpions, centipedes, mala, hopping mice, quolls, pythons, rats, frogmouths, ghost bats etc. It was the best nocturnal house I've ever seen.

After this, we saw the birds show. It was amazing, as the tour person had a Southern Boobook Owl flying over us and eating treats, a magpie doing tricks and a brown falcon, black kite and whistling kite flying over the crowd and catching food in mid air. We had a coffee and went back to the park. Tonight's been quiet....as we're off tomorrow to do the West Macdonnell Ranges...so early to bed. I'm tired anyway!
Well done Lightning Premiership kids back at Brook!!!!!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010


We got up at Yulara....I saw the final sunrise on the rock and we packed the van and went around to say goodbye to my brother Shaun, his wife Mandy and their daughter Hanna. We were so thankful for the treats/spoiling they gave us while here. Won't go into it on here....but will fill you all in when we're home or catch up!

After leaving Yulara, we drove out to Curtin Springs and paid $1.92 a litre for petrol!!!!! Outside of Curtin Springs we stopped at the Mount Conner lookout and walked to the top of a nearby sand dune to see Lake Armadeus (a huge salt lake). Frey and Georgia were excited when we left because we saw a huge herd of camels sleeping in the desert sun....until we found out they had all been shot....because they are such pests!

The drive to Kings Canyon was really interesting. Lots of desert oaks, spinifex and beautiful rock outcrops. When we arrived at the resort, we raced for a site (extremely busy - lucky to get one) and set up. An hour later a harley davidson came into the park and nearly ran me off the road...they kept annoying me...until I realised it was Shaun and Hanna...Mandy was following behind in their car. They had driven over from Yulara to stay the night! We were all really pleased.

After a quick catch up we got ready and drove to the canyon where we did the Canyon River Walk. This walk goes up inside the canyon floor along the dry river bed. It was filled with beautiful ghost gums and cycads....as well as huge boulders. I couldn't believe it when 3 spinifex pigeons ran between our feet on the track!!!!

After lots of photos and sightseeing, we went back to the resort for tea. After our meal, we went to the local bar to see "The Roadies". They are a local duo that sing songs and get people up on stage to have a bit of fun. It's pitched at families and grey nomads...so we all enjoyed it. Mum and Dad started daggy dancing and eventually they had Heather up....in her ugg boots! Nice look H! Georgia, Frey and Hanna were having fun dancing and ended up on stage playing blow up guitars. They were hilarious.

In the morning we got up and did the Canyon Rim Walk...the only one who couldn't was Mum because of her knees. The walk was absolutely unbelievable. Up sheer cliff faces....across chasms, down flights of stairs into deep canyons and along river beds covered with cycads and other plants. Our camera died...so no photos....need to buy another one from Alice! This walk was amazing!

After returning to camp, Shaun gave Georgia, Frey, Heather and I individual rides down the canyon road on his Harley. It was great fun...and awesome looking across at the canyon walls in the sun....

Shaun, Mandy and Hanna left at lunch, so we spent the arvo relaxing. The girls did school work while I went to Kathleen Springs birdwatching. I got a button quail, a red backed kingfisher, superb fairy wren, budgerigar, diamond dove and dusky grass wren....so I was pretty happy.

After a nice tea, we are blogging while the girls are on stage with "The Roadies" again...I think Frey and Georgia were just singing! Tomorrow we go to Alice...so hopefully we can load pictures then!

Oh....a dingo nearly got into our van this arvo....it grabbed a bag of rubbish off our picnic table and tried to run off with it! I had to chase it and it dropped the bag......cool!

Friday, June 18, 2010


OMG! What a huge and fantastic day! It all started at 5 am when a busload of tourists woke up and decided to have showers before heading off to the Sunrise on the rock...so i got up for a walk to the toilet...and a dingo followed me in the shadows....eerie!

At 8am I was picked up and taken to the airport to board a helicopter with my dad. We had a 36 minute flight past the resort, Uluru and Kata Tjuta...and it was amazing....the rock and Kata Tjuta looked so different from so high up. Looking down onto the red sand was also unreal...the spinifex looks like a coral pattern from high up

When we landed, we all got organised and went around to Shaun's. Once there, we got in the cars and went to the local camel farm for a ride. Georgia and Frey had a go first and they loved it. Then Heather (Mrs Mac) and I got on and had a ride too....apparently my head looked like an acorn with the funny helmet on it! The ride around was great, as you could see Uluru and Kata Tjuta.

After that we went into the National Park again. We stopped at the sunset viewing area for Uluru and took a family shot with the rock behind. Awesome view. Then off we went to the climb...which you're advised not to do, but I felt the need to do it... Heather, Dad, Bec, Georgia, Freyja and I were keen, but when we pulled up and Heather saw how high the first part of the walk was...she was out! Lol... Dad and Bec started the climb...but got to Chicken Rock, which is about 50 metres up....where the chain starts....Frey and Georgia went up like a pair of mountain goats...so I decided I might as well take them both up. Well...the first half of the walk was as scary as hell! A thin chain....with sheer drop-offs on both side. My water bottle slide out of my pocket and fell about 100 metres to the ground, bouncing around and sliding all the way down! It looked like a Woomera rocket! Lol...

We climbed up slowly...the two girls in front of me...all the way....to the top! What a feeling when we got there. I texted a lot of people sending photos of the girls. We tried ringing Bec (below the rock) and Ryan (so Georgia could tell the class), but there was no answer....so we decided to start the big trip down. It was pretty Ok going down, until the last stretch where the drop is pretty steep. Both of the girls preferred to slide on their bums and hold the chain...until finally we were down after 2 hours. Frey had worn a hole in her pants coming down...that's how much sliding there was! We were so proud....Dad 38, Georgia 10 and Freyja 6....and she looked like the youngest up there today. Many people commented how fantastic the two girls were doing it and they couldn't believe the little one....but for those of you that know Freyja well...I'm sure you're not surprised....when you think of the energy and determination she has!

After the walk we met up with the rest of the family. They had driven around the rock, walked a couple of sections and sat waiting for the mountain goats! We went for a look at the Cultural Centre and then had a late lunch. After that we raced to the Yulara Primary School to see Hanna and have a quick tour of the school. We also saw the oval...greenest oval I've ever seen surrounded by ghost gums...the home of the Yulara Flies Football Club...Shaun has had a lot to do with getting the club going....

After the visit to the school, we drove into the visitors centre to visit Mandy. We looked through the interesting displays of desert life and bought some souvenirs. After this we had a coffee (which is fantastic here Anne and Ryan) and went to Sails in The Desert Resort. Shaun toured us through the restaurant, pool area and art gallery/shop. The Aboriginal dot paintings here were magnificent, but the one Bec and I loved was around $7000, so we decided to give it a miss.

We returned to the campground to clean up...and had tea at Shaun's. We got takeaway from the Outback Pioneer and while there I met friends of Brendan and Lisa Evans from Carisbrook. How funny is that?

Anyway...I'm going to try to post some photos too....so I better go....read on and see where we are next time...

From Georgia

Hi Guys,We are at Yulara it is fantastic. Today we went to the rock and OMG it was amazing and Dad Freyja and me climbed Right to the top and that was all so amazing but it is not the easiest big rock to climb.
Mum Gran Nan and Pop didn't go up it!!!!!!

Thanks to all my friends that have written comments. It's great to hear from you

Love Georgia

Coober to Yulara and first day in the Red Centre!

OMG! What a long drive! It took us from 7am in the morning until 430pm in the afternoon to get to Yulara (resort town for Uluru/Kata Tjuta). On the way we stopped at small roadhouses like Marla and Erldunda. We had lunch at Erldunda and when putting petrol in the car (very expensive too) I could hear the sounds of a bird avairy. I walked over to the sound and there were about 40 zebra finches drinking from a water source in the ground...wild...free...wow!

We drove the 260 km across to Yulara, seeing Mount Conner (thanks Nikas for giving Bec the tip off...was going to try and trick her) and finally getting to the resort in the late afternoon. I met my brother Shaun out the front of the resort (he is 2IC here) and he took us to the campground. We settled in and had champagne in an ice bucket delivered to our van, courtesy of Shaun, Mandy and Hanna.

After setting up, we went around to Shaun and Mandy's and had tea. Mum and Dad are staying there for the three nights, while we're in the campground. We were pretty tired, so we had tea and went back to the campground for a sleep.

I woke up at 5am for a toilet visit and was a bit worried on the way back to the van when wild dingoes started howling in the dark....pack my dacks time! In the morning we got up, got organised and went into the resort for a shop. After that we drove into the National Park on our way to Kata Tjuta (The Olgas).

When we arrived there we got sorted and started to do the Valley of The Winds walk...it's around a 8km walk through the rock outcops. The walk was amazing....up up up...then down into valleys surrounded by red rock. Dad had fun climbing up to the first lookout thanks to a sausage roll! Lol... The walk went along creek beds lined with Ghost Gums and zebra finch were everywhere. We had to climb up walls of rock and up through valleys that had the most amazing views. Halfway through we stopped for lunch overlooking the valley below. The rest of the walk swept around the back of the rock domes...across dry rocky plains...to meet the start of the track. The photos I've taken do not do it justice....it was just amazing!

We returned to the campground, got ready for tea and went out to The Outback Pioneer Hotel...Bough house Restaurant...a $50 a head smorgasboard dinner....oysters, prawns, sushi, camel, kangaroo, salmon, atlantic salmon, crocodile, barramundi, other normal meats....and sweets like pecan pie, chocolate mouse, tropical delight, pavlova, chocolate mud cake...and so on... We ate a wee bit too much, but it was magnificent.

After that the girls went home to bed and Shaun and I stayed at the Outback Pioneer Hotel until close, having a few drinks with resort mates of Shaun's. By the time I got to bed, I was pretty tired....but what a great day. The Olga's are awesome...and what's funny, if you look at the silhouette of them, it looks like Homer Simpson....check it out....

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


First of all...if you are ever in Coober Pedy, get a pizza from Stuart Range Caravan Park. It was the best ever!

Today we tried to sleep in, but were woken at 7ish by Freyja saying "Cook my breakfast!" We decided to ignore her and popped the van heater on....while we stayed in bed...as the nights in the desert areas are freezing 0 degrees...or below!

We lazed around, had cuppas, noticed when it was time for school to start and we all thought of you....well Bec, Heather and I did....Georgia and Freyja had made friends and were running around on the huge adventure playground in our park.

After showers and a tidy up, we went into town. First was The Old Timers mine. We had to put miners hard hats on....dorky! Mrs P needed a large for her big head! Lol... Frey threw a wobbly about going into a dark hole...but with a push, we all went inside a hand dug opal mine. There were statues of miners in there...real opal seams (one valued at between $20,000 and $40,000) and all sorts of tunnels and tools. The path went up a little and there was a second story of the mine that was a house. There was a kitchen, loungeroom (with TV), bedroom and bathroom (with toilet and shower!). On the way out of the mine/house, we went through the shop and got some souvenirs. Mrs P got a pandora opal charm...very nice!

Outside you could noodle...so before long most of us were in the stones washing those that looked like opal. The girls, Dad and Heather got hooked and we couldn't get them out of the noodling area.....so we went next door for a coffee....and guess what? You had to go underground! So there we were...under ground, in a cafe having a latte! Funny, hey? The cafe was part of an underground motel, so we looked around the rooms and halls (Some of which were part of old mines).

We drove up to the Big Winch where you could see 360 degree views of Coober Pedy. You could see the roof of people's homes...and it looks like piles of dirt and rocks with chimneys sticking out. There are wrecks of old cars everywhere too! Throughout the day we looked through 4 underground churches...the Catholic church was the nicest...and we lit candles for people that have died in their memory.

In the afternoon we went to other underground motels with expensive opal shops and museums. Mrs P bought herself a dirty great opal ring....very nice! I tell you guys...that lady has a handbag, shoe and jewellery fetish!

Bed early tonight as we're off to Ayers Rock in the morning and it's a 700km+ drive.... We've already done over 1500km! Thanks everyone for reading and special thanks to those that post...as we look forward to reading your comments. It lets us know who is reading and what you think. It also keeps us in touch with home, which is beginning to be so far away!

Monday, June 14, 2010


Today was full on!

We got up at 6 am, packed and left Port Augusta at 730am.

The trip was an interesting one....better than I expected. I didn't think the countryside would be so interesting...huge salt lakes, rolling hills, scrub, saltmarsh, rocky outcrops and more.

We stopped for a wee at a roadside stop overlooking the Flinders Ranges. I heard Bec gagging and thought she was going to vomit. Then Heather came out coughing and retching! I thought....what carry-ons....and marched over to use the Mens....well....I couldn't even lift the lid....I nearly vomitted on the spot! The stench was so foul....so I backed out of the toilet quick smart and took a walk instead to find a bush....not many around though!

We stopped at Lake Hart and were amazed by it's size and how beautiful it was. For those that don't know, it's a huge salt lake with beautiful cliffs surrouding it in the middle of no-where! Heather, Georgia, Frey and I walked down to the edge and picked up salt crystals off the sand. The water was covered in a thin film of salt, which we thought was pretty interesting. On the way back up to the carpark we saw a pair of mulga parrots...new species for me!

On the way to Glendambo we saw wild families of emus running alongside the car and even a huge wedge tailed eagle eating a kangaroo carcass! One was also flying overhead. We had lunch at Glendambo and Freyja locked the van keys in the caravan....lucky she hid from me because she would've got a kick in the pants! I was so annoyed. Apart from that it was fun eating lunch in the sun and I even got through a few hours of the day in a tshirt....very sunny weather...but still cold.

We got to Coober Pedy at 330pm and set up in our park. After a quick cuppa....we were in the car for a look at the town. Wow! What an interesting place! Deb and Greg....we saw a few of your friends and they asked after you! Lol....

All of us piled into the Kluger and traveled out to the Dog Fence (over 5000km long to keep out the dingoes). This was reached after driving along a stretch of the Oonadatta Track (largely 4WD). We took a turn up a track and went to Moon Plain...a site that looks like the surface of the moon and used in horror and space movies....like Pitch Black for example. From here we went to The Breakaways....beautiful sandstone rock outcrops in the middle of nowhere....in all different colours....and magnificent with the sun setting on them....which we had. Unfortunately Georgia wasn't feeling great (sick tummy bug like Frey had last week) and spent the time dry reaching instead of enjoying the view...although I guess you didn't really need to know that! Lol

We got back to the park and ordered pizza from the caravan park bar....I'm typing this on the restaurant Internet kiosk...so no pics again...but definitely some in a few days when I use my brother's computer at Yulara (Ayers Rock)

Catch you all later....


Sunday, June 13, 2010


We decided to get up later and take our time as we were tired. Due to this we didn't leave Renmark until 930am.

The first part of the day was very interesting traveling through The Riverland. Towns like Waikerie and Morgan were really appealing and we especially liked the ferry trip (in our car with van attached) across the Murray River at Morgan. After this we traveled to Burra and had lunch at Peacock's Chimney. We had sandwiches out in the sun and boiled the kettle in the van. Boy this Expanda is so much better for this kind of travel... We really liked Burra and I remembered Gary and Glenda talking about stopping there before. My brother Shaun also told us about a building named "Pearce Building" which we saw standing proudly in the main street.

The afternoon was spent driving. The girls rewatched all of season 1 Kath and Kim today too. Before we got to Port Augusta, we crossed the southern end of The Flinders Ranges at Horricks Pass. This stretch of road was magnificent with views of the ranges and then of Spencer Gulf as you came out the other side.

We got to Port Augusta at 4pm and stayed hitched up, thanks to a drive through site. We looked around the park, the girls made new friends and we had 5 o'clock nibbles and drink outside....as it's not too cold

We're all well...but looking forward to the fun to start when we stop for a few days and get a chance to look around.

Photos loaded when i'm not at an Internet Kiosk....there's no flash drive hole Ryan!

Thanks to all that have joined and those that are reading....