Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Before you read....I've put the King's Canyon pictures in now if you want to have a look...

We were up and at 'em early in Kings Canyon. We left by 8am and thought of everyone beginning a new week back at school....especially Craig due to his return to work. We travelled well and even saw wild brumbies alongside the road. By 12 we had reached Erldunda...so we stopped for lunch and paid $7 of a latte! Rip off!!!!!!

The drive to Alice was awesome....beautiful ranges and rock outcrops. We got to town around 2pm and set up in our caravan park. The park has 2 jumping pillows, 3 pools, 2 playgrounds and heaps more....very spoilt!

After setting up, Heath, Bec, Georg, Frey and I went into town to buy a new digital camera, as mine had died in Kings Canyon. The shopping centre is pretty basic and most of the main street (Todd Mall) is taken up with art galleries selling expensive Aboriginal Art....the ones we like ranged from $3000 to $30,000 so we gave it a miss.....

After shopping we drove back to the park and got ready to go out for tea. We went to Bojangles (thanks to a recommendation from Deb, Greg, Mills and Nikas) and had tea for Mum's birthday. I had the outback grill and it was beautiful....there was an emu sausage, a kangaroo steak, a crocodile rissole, a buffalo medallion and camel kebab....all of which were very tasty! While we were in Bojangles, friends and family could watch us via webcam. The girls were dancing for Brett, Bev, Jess, Em, Fitty, Madi, Nikas, Millsy and Georgia....who commented that our Georgia has some pretty good dance moves! Not sure who else watched! We ate next to a cage of snakes and organised a huge chocolate treat plate as Mum's birthday cake.

When we drove home, a song came on the radio...."This is dedicated to Matt, Bec, Frey, Georg and Heather....have a great trip....Nikas, Millsy and kids!" How funny!!!! Bojangles runs one of the stations and you can request songs via the Internet for visitors. Not sure about the choice of song Nikas: Mamma Mia!
After a good sleep, we got up and hung around the park, doing washing, having cups of coffee and relaxing/reading. I saw a few new birds....got some babblers Gary!!! Gee they are funny birds.... A Port Lincoln Ringneck even perched on our van!

When we were ready, we went into town, looked at a few more galleries, then had lunch at a food court. After lunch we went out to the Desert Park. This is an amazing animal park, showcasing life in the desert. You walk through woodlands, sandplains, claypans and more. We saw all of the birds of the desert and when we went into the nocturnal house, we saw scorpions, centipedes, mala, hopping mice, quolls, pythons, rats, frogmouths, ghost bats etc. It was the best nocturnal house I've ever seen.

After this, we saw the birds show. It was amazing, as the tour person had a Southern Boobook Owl flying over us and eating treats, a magpie doing tricks and a brown falcon, black kite and whistling kite flying over the crowd and catching food in mid air. We had a coffee and went back to the park. Tonight's been quiet....as we're off tomorrow to do the West Macdonnell Ranges...so early to bed. I'm tired anyway!
Well done Lightning Premiership kids back at Brook!!!!!!


  1. with lattes at $7 you can understand why some seasoned travellers have expresso machines in their vans!! Belated Happy Birthday to Roycey. Shame about your camera. Glad you managed to see babblers, probably will see more at Ormiston Gorge. They are very gregarious and active birds, fun to watch ( that is if they do not move away too quickly) Gary has been impressed with the sightings, a real twitcher!! The Desert Park is great, make sure you see the Wild Life Park in Darwin, the Raptor show their is fantastic as well. Hope you enjoy the West Mc D's and all the gorges.
    We are back home now but only 10 weeks until the big one!!

  2. Hi Guys, Sorry I missed the dancing but sounds like you had a lot of fun and a great tea. You are certainly doing and seeing lots. Say Hi to Heather Mac and the girls. Lightning Prem was good but very tiring (had a little nanna nap in front of tele that night) kids were great at the Netball. Off to the basketball today with Ryan and some 5s and 6s. Another great day all kids played well and all teams had some wins. Very noisy though. Bye for now cheers Chris.

  3. Gday MBGFH,

    Sounds like you guys are having a great time. Can't belive that you paid 7 bucks for a latte.
    The photos look splendid and we are very jealous of the helicopter ride!

    The kids had basketball yesterday and all teams did extremely well. One day and a half to go. We are just trying very hard to finish our information reports and the Hobbit before tomorrow.

    Missing you all very much.


  4. Golivers: not doing too bad with the birdies....would've liked to see a few more...but the desert dwellers are darn hard to see! Loved the East and West Macs....absolutely out of this world!

    Chrissie: Happy holidays! Bet you're glad to be resting.... Will be great to catch up in Darwin soon. Bet you're excited...about Darwin that is...not seeing me! Lol

    Fruities....the things we do for a coffee....and it wasn't even nice! The chopper ride was awesome...took some video footage to share....just short though....Glad to hear basketball went well...and that you are nerly finished The Hobbit! Well done Senior Unit. Have a great break guys....