Monday, June 14, 2010


Today was full on!

We got up at 6 am, packed and left Port Augusta at 730am.

The trip was an interesting one....better than I expected. I didn't think the countryside would be so interesting...huge salt lakes, rolling hills, scrub, saltmarsh, rocky outcrops and more.

We stopped for a wee at a roadside stop overlooking the Flinders Ranges. I heard Bec gagging and thought she was going to vomit. Then Heather came out coughing and retching! I thought....what carry-ons....and marched over to use the Mens....well....I couldn't even lift the lid....I nearly vomitted on the spot! The stench was so I backed out of the toilet quick smart and took a walk instead to find a bush....not many around though!

We stopped at Lake Hart and were amazed by it's size and how beautiful it was. For those that don't know, it's a huge salt lake with beautiful cliffs surrouding it in the middle of no-where! Heather, Georgia, Frey and I walked down to the edge and picked up salt crystals off the sand. The water was covered in a thin film of salt, which we thought was pretty interesting. On the way back up to the carpark we saw a pair of mulga species for me!

On the way to Glendambo we saw wild families of emus running alongside the car and even a huge wedge tailed eagle eating a kangaroo carcass! One was also flying overhead. We had lunch at Glendambo and Freyja locked the van keys in the caravan....lucky she hid from me because she would've got a kick in the pants! I was so annoyed. Apart from that it was fun eating lunch in the sun and I even got through a few hours of the day in a tshirt....very sunny weather...but still cold.

We got to Coober Pedy at 330pm and set up in our park. After a quick cuppa....we were in the car for a look at the town. Wow! What an interesting place! Deb and Greg....we saw a few of your friends and they asked after you! Lol....

All of us piled into the Kluger and traveled out to the Dog Fence (over 5000km long to keep out the dingoes). This was reached after driving along a stretch of the Oonadatta Track (largely 4WD). We took a turn up a track and went to Moon Plain...a site that looks like the surface of the moon and used in horror and space Pitch Black for example. From here we went to The Breakaways....beautiful sandstone rock outcrops in the middle of all different colours....and magnificent with the sun setting on them....which we had. Unfortunately Georgia wasn't feeling great (sick tummy bug like Frey had last week) and spent the time dry reaching instead of enjoying the view...although I guess you didn't really need to know that! Lol

We got back to the park and ordered pizza from the caravan park bar....I'm typing this on the restaurant Internet no pics again...but definitely some in a few days when I use my brother's computer at Yulara (Ayers Rock)

Catch you all later....



  1. WOW sounds like you lot are having lots of fun! Did you see any holes in the dog fence?


  2. Dear Mr. P & Gang,

    Hope you are having lots of fun. We enjoyed reading your blog entry. How big is Coober Peedy? Sounds like you are having a cracker of a time (Alex). Miss you all.

    5/6O Fruitcakes (LOL)

  3. Evan....there are no holes in the dog fence as far as we could it's dingo keeps the dingoes out of the southern grazing areas....runs from the Nullabor in Western Australia across to Surfers Paradise

  4. Dear 5/6O Fruitcakes...

    Coober Pedy has been very interesting. Most of the buildings are underground. Mrs P bought a nice big opal ring and an opal pandora charm....spoilt girllllll!

    Coober Pedy is about the size of Avoca...but has a surrounding population of about 3500....

    It is perhaps the stangest town we have seen....but we loved exploring it. I even saw a used in one of my favourite Sci Fi/horror films...

    Talk soon fruities...

    The Ps

  5. Hi how are you all going sounds like you are having a wonderful time I cant wait to see some pics. I miss you all .
    from Katherine

  6. Reading your blog reminds Gary and I of our trip up that way. We loved the Breakaways. Also recall picking up large salt crystals as Lake Hart. Great to hear the birding is happening. Mulgas here we at Menindee as well. Hey you guys must have hit Mildura the same time as us!! Keep enjoying as I know you will. Really enjoying the blog.

  7. Hi guys
    Love the pics looks soooooooooo interesting
    From Katherine

  8. GEORGIA!!!!

    I miss u soooo much!!! I can't wait 2 c u.

    Hope ur all enjoying ur holis!!!

    Luv ya xx


  9. hi sounds like your haveing fun I wish I was tere. Awsome pics to can't wait till u get back !!!!have fun!!!! bye.

    Love Ebony

  10. Hey Eb and Annabelle....great to hear from you girls....

    Luv Georgia