Sunday, June 13, 2010


Hey everyone! We're officially away...

Left home at 6am, got Heather from Dunolly at 630am and we were off by 7!

Breakfast was at a bakery in Birchip. Nice pies... The two girls had a photo with a statue of a Mallee Bull and no points to guess which part F was most fascinated with!

Fruit was dropped off at a fruit fly bin drop off and the girls amused themselves trying to find the biggest tumbleweed... We toured Red Cliffs (my first home) and then Mildura (because apparently a legend named Matthew was born there). Lunch was at a very posh and tropical McDonalds in Mildura.

On the way to Renmark we met up with Mum and Dad for a cuppa. We drove through the fruit fly check (happy guys they are) and under the big Dunlop wheel into South Australia! Our park was right on the river and very beautiful! The river was up and was covered in duck weed. The girls made friends and played on the jumping pillow. We all enjoyed the aviaries containing gouldian finch, quail, regent parrots, alexandra princess parrots and bourke parrots.

We went into Renmark to look at two huge hot air balloons at the football oval. The kids were fascinated seeing them fire up.... After that we stocked up on groceries and went back to the van for tea. After curried sausages and apple cake (thanks Heather) we went for a night walk around the park. We saw 8 kangaroos and 2 possums.

It was early to bed and that was the end of our first stop!

Sorry about no photos but G and I are on one of those terrible Internet kiosks where $2 gets you 15 minutes and they keys have to be pushed through the table to work. ARRRRRRGGGGHHH!


  1. Hi it sounds like you are having a wonderful time I already miss Georgia as well. I hope you can load some photos soon too.
    From Katherine and Ellen

  2. Hello Ellen! Georgia said to say hi...miss you

  3. hey hope your having fun footys on tonight
    hawthorn vs bombers gonna be a gr8 game
    by morgan

  4. Hey Morgan,
    Great to see you were on....just checked back through old pages and saw your post! Hope you have/had great holidays..

    Mr P