Tuesday, June 15, 2010


First of all...if you are ever in Coober Pedy, get a pizza from Stuart Range Caravan Park. It was the best ever!

Today we tried to sleep in, but were woken at 7ish by Freyja saying "Cook my breakfast!" We decided to ignore her and popped the van heater on....while we stayed in bed...as the nights in the desert areas are freezing 0 degrees...or below!

We lazed around, had cuppas, noticed when it was time for school to start and we all thought of you....well Bec, Heather and I did....Georgia and Freyja had made friends and were running around on the huge adventure playground in our park.

After showers and a tidy up, we went into town. First was The Old Timers mine. We had to put miners hard hats on....dorky! Mrs P needed a large for her big head! Lol... Frey threw a wobbly about going into a dark hole...but with a push, we all went inside a hand dug opal mine. There were statues of miners in there...real opal seams (one valued at between $20,000 and $40,000) and all sorts of tunnels and tools. The path went up a little and there was a second story of the mine that was a house. There was a kitchen, loungeroom (with TV), bedroom and bathroom (with toilet and shower!). On the way out of the mine/house, we went through the shop and got some souvenirs. Mrs P got a pandora opal charm...very nice!

Outside you could noodle...so before long most of us were in the stones washing those that looked like opal. The girls, Dad and Heather got hooked and we couldn't get them out of the noodling area.....so we went next door for a coffee....and guess what? You had to go underground! So there we were...under ground, in a cafe having a latte! Funny, hey? The cafe was part of an underground motel, so we looked around the rooms and halls (Some of which were part of old mines).

We drove up to the Big Winch where you could see 360 degree views of Coober Pedy. You could see the roof of people's homes...and it looks like piles of dirt and rocks with chimneys sticking out. There are wrecks of old cars everywhere too! Throughout the day we looked through 4 underground churches...the Catholic church was the nicest...and we lit candles for people that have died in their memory.

In the afternoon we went to other underground motels with expensive opal shops and museums. Mrs P bought herself a dirty great opal ring....very nice! I tell you guys...that lady has a handbag, shoe and jewellery fetish!

Bed early tonight as we're off to Ayers Rock in the morning and it's a 700km+ drive.... We've already done over 1500km! Thanks everyone for reading and special thanks to those that post...as we look forward to reading your comments. It lets us know who is reading and what you think. It also keeps us in touch with home, which is beginning to be so far away!


  1. Hi Mr.P it would have been pretty awesome seeing those houses underground, freezing nights though say hi to Georgia for me. Hope you have fun seeing Ayers Rock too.
    From Katherine

  2. Great to hear about all the amazing things you are seeing, sounds fantastic. Bec, the opal ring sounds fab, good work!! No goss here, it's just freezing and wet as usual! Take care

    Love the Bakers x

  3. Gday Guys,

    Lightning premiership was cancelled due to the rain, so Mr. Coutts read a story about Smelly Bertie, while Mr. O worked hard with his iPhone to make sound effects. lol. All good here, we are all looking forward to the holidays!


    Message below from Bella.

    hope youre having a great time miss ya lots


  4. Hi All, It's great reading about all your adventures especially when we did the same things so recently. It's just like being back there. Told you Coober Pedy was place like no other. Take care.

  5. Hey there
    I think I have the right spot now for posting a comment. I spent half an hour typing you guys a great letter last night and had written it in the wrong spot. I asked Ryan and he let me know where to send you a note.
    So hi everyone, hope you are having a wonderful time. It has been great hearing all your travel stories so far and the children at school have been loving it too. We have spent each day just before lunch to share your diary entries. The kids are all good. We have had a lot away this week with the flu so gradually getting a few back now. The 3-6 had their lightning premiership today and they got on the buses went into Maryborough and it poured so they turned around again and now it is sunshine. This weather is so unpredictable. It has been freezing here though so its noce to have a bit of sunshine. Only about 13 today. Jannina is fitting in beautifully here like we thought she would, lots of great ideas and the kids are adapting well. Deb has kept the school running well this week and everyone is well. We have all enjoyed your diary entries and your texts to keep us up to date. Feels like we are there with you.
    As for the Nalders, we are all good. Abbey has had a nice short week at kinder and creche with the Queens Birthday long weekend. It has been nice for all of use. We are all looking forward to the holidays. Cannot believe it is only 1 week away. Dean is good and I am travelling good aswell. Just tired at night but thats what we all are. 26 wks tomorrow cannot believe how quick this pregnancy is going. Only 6 weeks or so of school left for me for the whole year. Bit scary.
    So all in all life is good back here and we are all travelling well.
    Keep the diary entries going and the texts, we love hearing from you.
    Take care
    Maree, Dean and Abbey and the Junior Unit at Carisbrook Primary School.

    Missing u sooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'd like to see a post from u soon!!!!

    I hope ur all enjoying ur AWESOME holiday!!

    xx Luv ya


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  8. Hey I hope you are enjoying your holiday missing you heaps hope to see you soon.

    Bye Gemma

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  10. hey guys!
    miss you like crazy hope your having fun!

    Georgia: The other Georgia is going craaazy without you! miss ya
    Mr.P: im going to Eclipse on the first of July in goldclass! come back and teach us pleeeeeeeeease

    Mrs.P: hope your having fun shopping!
    Freyja: HII (lol)

    from Ellie

  11. Hey Maree...you're on! Great to hear from the Nalder crew... We're pleased to hear that Mrs Biggs is settling in well...but we knew she would....Hi Jannina! Glad that the pregnancy is going well too Ree...won't be long when we get back!

    Love The Ps

  12. Howdy Bakers....Bec does love the ring....is wearing it everywhere....hope you guys are all well

    Kath....the underground homes were amazing...and now we've been to Uluru and Kata Tjuta....even more amazing....

    Ellie....Twilight is rubbish...although Mrs P doesn't agree with me and you know I'm only saying that to get you going.... Hope you enjoe Eclipse when it comes out. Mrs P says I have to take her to see it in Darwin...groan!

    Hey Gem...great to see you writing comments....hope school is going well....and make sure you enjoy those holidays! They're nearly here....

    Annabelle....Georgie is missing you guys heaps...she keeps pining for her friends....she has posted though...so have a read...

    Bella! How are you? Hope you're well...thanks for the message through Mr O. Georgia loved that. She's missing you too!

    Debra! Debra! Debra! You're so right about up here...it is so beautiful and that climb was unreal...but guess what was our favourite...Kata Tjuta...Valley of The Winds....amazing!

    Ryno! Hey....i know you love playing with that Fart for a Buck....That is so immature and I would never use such a thing....can I please borrow it? Would be handy in the caravan to get Heather and the girls going! Lol

    If I've missed someone....soz

    The Ps

    The Ps