Friday, June 11, 2010

The night before Christmas....actually....the trip!

After finishing school and the 9 week stint as was good to get home and organise the van. It was on before dark and Georgia and I were able to do all of the car jobs.....air/oil/water etc.

We have been spoilt today with farewells at school....the most amazing morning tea that turned into lunch too! Thanks all concerned...much appreciated! The chocolate blocks will come in handy too.

The girls have lollies in the car to eat thanks to Lach and Soph, we have nutloaf thanks to Chris and Maree and Dean gave the girls a cool drink bottle each for the car and some chocolates to share as well as something nice for Bec and I to drink by the Murray tomorrow night. Thanks guys!

Tea was taken care of by Nikas and Millsy....well done guys....oh...and Zayden + Marlo

It's late (11.07pm), we're tired and almost ready to go to bed. We plan on an early start tomorrow (Sat 12 June) - probably around 5am! See how we go with that one! Lol. Then we're off to Dunolly to pick up Heather and off to Renmark via Mildura....

I'll try and load photos as soon as I can!

...and great to see so many followers.....including Evan! Good job...


  1. Hi I hope you are all very excited and have a wonderfull time
    From Katherine

  2. Hi.Glad the first day went well. Hope the scones were better than those at the high tea! Have lots of fun and we look forward to the first lot of pictures. Bec - do you want me to save all the Glee shows while you are away and I can put on a disk for you when you get home. Also may be able to do for any other shows. Let me know. Take care. Travel safely. Cheers Annie

  3. Hey Kath! Glad you've joined....We are very excited.Georgia said miss you already!

  4. Annie...if you save those,not only will Bec worship you,but so will the girls! Apple cake a better high tea! Lol