Sunday, June 13, 2010


We decided to get up later and take our time as we were tired. Due to this we didn't leave Renmark until 930am.

The first part of the day was very interesting traveling through The Riverland. Towns like Waikerie and Morgan were really appealing and we especially liked the ferry trip (in our car with van attached) across the Murray River at Morgan. After this we traveled to Burra and had lunch at Peacock's Chimney. We had sandwiches out in the sun and boiled the kettle in the van. Boy this Expanda is so much better for this kind of travel... We really liked Burra and I remembered Gary and Glenda talking about stopping there before. My brother Shaun also told us about a building named "Pearce Building" which we saw standing proudly in the main street.

The afternoon was spent driving. The girls rewatched all of season 1 Kath and Kim today too. Before we got to Port Augusta, we crossed the southern end of The Flinders Ranges at Horricks Pass. This stretch of road was magnificent with views of the ranges and then of Spencer Gulf as you came out the other side.

We got to Port Augusta at 4pm and stayed hitched up, thanks to a drive through site. We looked around the park, the girls made new friends and we had 5 o'clock nibbles and drink it's not too cold

We're all well...but looking forward to the fun to start when we stop for a few days and get a chance to look around.

Photos loaded when i'm not at an Internet Kiosk....there's no flash drive hole Ryan!

Thanks to all that have joined and those that are reading....


  1. Sounds like stacks of fun! Lucky buggers!!!

  2. I think it sounds like you are having so much fun I like how you were talking about the Pearce building sounds great. Did you like Flinders Rangers.
    From Katherine

  3. The Flinders Ranges were lovely thanks Kath and Ellen. We only drove through the bottom of them though and didn't get to stop to have a good look. That will be another trip....

    it is stacks of fun nikas and millsy...hi to Zayden and marlo from Georgia and Frey