Friday, June 18, 2010


OMG! What a huge and fantastic day! It all started at 5 am when a busload of tourists woke up and decided to have showers before heading off to the Sunrise on the i got up for a walk to the toilet...and a dingo followed me in the shadows....eerie!

At 8am I was picked up and taken to the airport to board a helicopter with my dad. We had a 36 minute flight past the resort, Uluru and Kata Tjuta...and it was amazing....the rock and Kata Tjuta looked so different from so high up. Looking down onto the red sand was also unreal...the spinifex looks like a coral pattern from high up

When we landed, we all got organised and went around to Shaun's. Once there, we got in the cars and went to the local camel farm for a ride. Georgia and Frey had a go first and they loved it. Then Heather (Mrs Mac) and I got on and had a ride too....apparently my head looked like an acorn with the funny helmet on it! The ride around was great, as you could see Uluru and Kata Tjuta.

After that we went into the National Park again. We stopped at the sunset viewing area for Uluru and took a family shot with the rock behind. Awesome view. Then off we went to the climb...which you're advised not to do, but I felt the need to do it... Heather, Dad, Bec, Georgia, Freyja and I were keen, but when we pulled up and Heather saw how high the first part of the walk was...she was out! Lol... Dad and Bec started the climb...but got to Chicken Rock, which is about 50 metres up....where the chain starts....Frey and Georgia went up like a pair of mountain I decided I might as well take them both up. Well...the first half of the walk was as scary as hell! A thin chain....with sheer drop-offs on both side. My water bottle slide out of my pocket and fell about 100 metres to the ground, bouncing around and sliding all the way down! It looked like a Woomera rocket! Lol...

We climbed up slowly...the two girls in front of me...all the the top! What a feeling when we got there. I texted a lot of people sending photos of the girls. We tried ringing Bec (below the rock) and Ryan (so Georgia could tell the class), but there was no we decided to start the big trip down. It was pretty Ok going down, until the last stretch where the drop is pretty steep. Both of the girls preferred to slide on their bums and hold the chain...until finally we were down after 2 hours. Frey had worn a hole in her pants coming down...that's how much sliding there was! We were so proud....Dad 38, Georgia 10 and Freyja 6....and she looked like the youngest up there today. Many people commented how fantastic the two girls were doing it and they couldn't believe the little one....but for those of you that know Freyja well...I'm sure you're not surprised....when you think of the energy and determination she has!

After the walk we met up with the rest of the family. They had driven around the rock, walked a couple of sections and sat waiting for the mountain goats! We went for a look at the Cultural Centre and then had a late lunch. After that we raced to the Yulara Primary School to see Hanna and have a quick tour of the school. We also saw the oval...greenest oval I've ever seen surrounded by ghost gums...the home of the Yulara Flies Football Club...Shaun has had a lot to do with getting the club going....

After the visit to the school, we drove into the visitors centre to visit Mandy. We looked through the interesting displays of desert life and bought some souvenirs. After this we had a coffee (which is fantastic here Anne and Ryan) and went to Sails in The Desert Resort. Shaun toured us through the restaurant, pool area and art gallery/shop. The Aboriginal dot paintings here were magnificent, but the one Bec and I loved was around $7000, so we decided to give it a miss.

We returned to the campground to clean up...and had tea at Shaun's. We got takeaway from the Outback Pioneer and while there I met friends of Brendan and Lisa Evans from Carisbrook. How funny is that?

Anyway...I'm going to try to post some photos I better on and see where we are next time...


  1. Chrissie L....I don't know where to find your email....Lol....

  2. Millsy and Nikas...hope the cats are ok....
    Got Marlo a nice fashion accessory in Coober Pedy too....

  3. Hi to you all! What a great time you are having in the Centre! I knew you would be blown away by it all. Loved the photos and was extra good to get one on the phone! What a climb - you did very well to make it! Glad weather is good - forecast here said you might get rain so glad you didn't. We are all tired but one week to go, we should be able to hang in there. No major dramas at school. Kids are loving when we read your blog and will be excited to see all the photos next week. Take care and travel safely
    Love Annie PS Bec I have walked every day but not around the lake - just around the streets near my place. I'm sure you are getting plenty of walks too! You sure have better scenery and company. It's lonely walking on my own in the dark!

  4. SOOOOOO cool pictures hope you can post more the scenery looks great. Hope you are all having a good time.
    Love Katherine

  5. Hi all, don't worry about the email it was just about the lightning prem and Ryan and Lachs farting story!! I think Ryan told you about it. The photos are amazing and I think the girls are just great to go all the way. I am really envious Georgia. Looking forward to the last week of school. I was talking to Ronnie last night and he said he is doing a road trip to Alice this week so I told him to look out for you. he was very rude when I said that you were in four wheel drive and a caravan! Wonder why. Lol. Well back to house work, cheers Chris L

  6. Hey Matt I know why you couldn't find the email it is because I emailed back to me!!!! I was having a realy bad day, left the brain at home Lol!!!
    Here is what Anne and I wrote:
    Anne and I have just read the latest blog and we both agree that Bec deserves to have as many fetishes as she wishes and we are both very envious. I have just caught up on your trip as this my first day back since you left and it all sounds very exciting. Weather looks good in Ayers Rock. We went for a lovely bus ride in and out of Maryborough today as the Lightning prem was still on when we left, but by the time we got in there it was pouring rain and extremely cold with strong winds, they cancelled.The teachers are all very pleased and the children are coping well. Lach and Ryan entertained them with the story Smelly Bertie with sound effects from Ryans phone through the smart boards!!! Anne commented that this goes to prove that you should never leave boys alone on their own!! But by the time the story (which took quite a bit longer than usual) was finished the children had gotten over their disappointment at missing the Lightning Prem. Have a great day and Georgia I hope you get to climb the rock. Cheers Chris.

  7. Great pics Matt. Sounds like you are ALL having a wonderful family time and I can sense the excitement in your explorations.

    Glenda and Gary

  8. hi guys looks awestruck hope you guys are having plenty of fun seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyas later


  9. Hey there Matt! The Cats are fine, but I have decided that they can have a day in the run tomorrow. It's not too cold, so I'm sure they'll like it... poor things, I'm sure they miss you.
    I will let Marlo know that you guys are spoiling her (again), but she deserves something special, because, she can now ride her bike without training wheels! She has taken to riding down your driveway and skidding on the road! Freak she is!

    We are going to go to the grampians for a week. I spoke to Em last night (rather pissy at the MEC trivia night, me that is), and she is cool to feed the furballs!
    Sounds like you guys are having a corker of a time! Lucky ducks, It is seriously gorgeous though hey!
    Make sure you all pop into Bojangles in Alice... It's a saloon bar. Great mixed grill of all things exotic...Croc/emu/buffalo/snake and Camel! Text us from there.... We'll buy you a drink!!!

    Take care and love to all. !!!

  10. Internet working finally, it just looks all so beautiful, lucky buggers!! Great stuff for climbing the rock too Matt and girls, Stuart agreed it is really tough going so well done!! I just asked Millie if she wants to say hi and she said 'see ya' so I guess not! Lucky she didn't drop her favourite word at the moment, it's a bit rude!! Take care and keep up the pics!
    Love Marissa, Stuart and Millie

  11. Anne:have been doing plenty of high impact aerobics when walking around this place. The scenery is a little bit more interesting than the lake in the borough...Miss my walking buddy though as the others can't keep up. Lol!

    Chris: We will keep an eye out for Ronnie...And Bec does not deserve fetishes like jewelery because she is spoilt having me! Lol. You guys enjoy the hols when they come. You all thoroughly deserve them

    Golivers: Saw lots of birds today! So excited....

    Kath and Ellen: You two are very loyal readers! Well done!

    Bakers: Tell Millie not to be a snob....Lol. We were so proud of the girls doin the rock

    Nikas/Millsy: Grampians sounds great. Bec said to tell you no dry nights yet!!!!!! Should be at Bojangles tomorrow night so will text. No service the last few days on mobile

  12. Hi Guys,
    It's been great reading the blog and seeing your photos of Ayers Rock and Kings Canyon. Isn't the rock awesome! Good on you for doing the climb and well done to Georgia and Frey. What a great effort. Have a drink for me at Bojangles, it's a great place.

  13. Deb: went to Bos last night! What an awesome place! Eat tea in the snake pit beside the snakes...hisss!!!!! Had a heap of people watching us on the cams and we even had a song requested for us and drinks bought! Pretty cool! Hope you're doing well luv....only a few days to your well deserved break! Think of you and Greg often and have to agree with you both about some of the sights up here! about that later Debra and Greggles....

  14. hi everyone hope your having a great time up there will see you when you get back

    from will coutts