Sunday, June 20, 2010


We got up at Yulara....I saw the final sunrise on the rock and we packed the van and went around to say goodbye to my brother Shaun, his wife Mandy and their daughter Hanna. We were so thankful for the treats/spoiling they gave us while here. Won't go into it on here....but will fill you all in when we're home or catch up!

After leaving Yulara, we drove out to Curtin Springs and paid $1.92 a litre for petrol!!!!! Outside of Curtin Springs we stopped at the Mount Conner lookout and walked to the top of a nearby sand dune to see Lake Armadeus (a huge salt lake). Frey and Georgia were excited when we left because we saw a huge herd of camels sleeping in the desert sun....until we found out they had all been shot....because they are such pests!

The drive to Kings Canyon was really interesting. Lots of desert oaks, spinifex and beautiful rock outcrops. When we arrived at the resort, we raced for a site (extremely busy - lucky to get one) and set up. An hour later a harley davidson came into the park and nearly ran me off the road...they kept annoying me...until I realised it was Shaun and Hanna...Mandy was following behind in their car. They had driven over from Yulara to stay the night! We were all really pleased.

After a quick catch up we got ready and drove to the canyon where we did the Canyon River Walk. This walk goes up inside the canyon floor along the dry river bed. It was filled with beautiful ghost gums and well as huge boulders. I couldn't believe it when 3 spinifex pigeons ran between our feet on the track!!!!

After lots of photos and sightseeing, we went back to the resort for tea. After our meal, we went to the local bar to see "The Roadies". They are a local duo that sing songs and get people up on stage to have a bit of fun. It's pitched at families and grey we all enjoyed it. Mum and Dad started daggy dancing and eventually they had Heather her ugg boots! Nice look H! Georgia, Frey and Hanna were having fun dancing and ended up on stage playing blow up guitars. They were hilarious.

In the morning we got up and did the Canyon Rim Walk...the only one who couldn't was Mum because of her knees. The walk was absolutely unbelievable. Up sheer cliff faces....across chasms, down flights of stairs into deep canyons and along river beds covered with cycads and other plants. Our camera no photos....need to buy another one from Alice! This walk was amazing!

After returning to camp, Shaun gave Georgia, Frey, Heather and I individual rides down the canyon road on his Harley. It was great fun...and awesome looking across at the canyon walls in the sun....

Shaun, Mandy and Hanna left at lunch, so we spent the arvo relaxing. The girls did school work while I went to Kathleen Springs birdwatching. I got a button quail, a red backed kingfisher, superb fairy wren, budgerigar, diamond dove and dusky grass I was pretty happy.

After a nice tea, we are blogging while the girls are on stage with "The Roadies" again...I think Frey and Georgia were just singing! Tomorrow we go to hopefully we can load pictures then!

Oh....a dingo nearly got into our van this grabbed a bag of rubbish off our picnic table and tried to run off with it! I had to chase it and it dropped the!


  1. Glad you enjoyed Kings Canyon, one of our favourite spots, spectacular colours and contrasts. So gooooood to hear the girls are having such a blast. Great bird sitings Matt. You really have been spoilt by Shaun, but hey what are brotheers for!!! Really enjoying your blog. Hi to everyone.

  2. Gday Guys,

    The photos look amazing!!! We have really enjoyed reading about your adventures in Central Aus. We especially loved the story about the dingo and Mr. P scaring it off. Lol.

    Hope you are all safe and well. We have Lightning prem tomorrow, so we expect Georgia here to play for her T-ball side by 9am....thanks! (Georgia B.)

    We all had a laugh at Homer too!

    Talk soon guys!


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  4. Charlotte hopes Freyja had fun climbing the biggest rock in the world and would really like to know how big it is. have fun from Charlotte

  5. HI
    Sounds like you are haveing a great time. Georgia I miss you so much!!!!

    Geogia and Fre great dance moves.
    Can't wait to hear about all the adventures you all have had!


  6. Glenda and Garry: Thanks for following us! The girls are having a lot of fun....and I have seen some pretty good bird sightings. We were spoilt by Shaun...tell ya all about it when I see ya!

    Fruities...Georgia heard it was cold for the Lightning Premiership and decided to stay in bed and think of you all instead! Heard you all did well thanks to a text from Mr O today...

    Eb: Thank Charlotte for her message. Freyja loved it and said to tell that the rock is really big....and has lots of layers. Georgia says hi to you are you? Miss you. Thanks for messaging and the rock was cool!

    Georgia: glad you liked the dance moves! How funny was that watching us on live cam? We had heaps of people watching and some bought us drinks and requested a song! Miss you much!!!!! Luv Georgia

  7. Hi. Glad you loved King's Canyon! It's a magical place - can you believe the wave ripples in the rocks? Looking forward to your photos. Holidays soon - off to Qld for some warm weather. Have fun in Alice - hope they have the fireworks while you are there!
    Cheers Annie

  8. Hey Annie....we saw the ripples...and that was amazing....
    Glad you like the pics!
    Enjoy Queensland deserve a good break!