Sunday, June 6, 2010

Getting ready!

The car is serviced....the van is nearly packed and we're all excited! Not long now until we say farewell to family and friends for a few months while we head North to escape the cold.

Looks like we have most things organised. Felix and Myni (the cats) are going to be taken care of - thanks Nikas and Millsy! The mail is also under control thanks largely to Em and Fitty! The bills are largely taken care of for the time being too....hopefully they won't find us while we're away!

Heather packed her things into the van tonight. We tried the heater in the Expanda and it worked well. The new Grundig LCD TV also worked ok with our make-shift antennae. Bec can't do without her TV....should be interesting when we're far north and there's few channels and very little to watch. Lol!

Anyway...roll on Saturday!



  1. Have a blast guys! Looking forward to hearing about your adventures!

  2. wish you guys all the best, and wish we could tag along, maybe next time. We heard John Jarrot is out and about these days....sleep well...neh neh neh

  3. I think we might be seeing John Jarrot in Yulara. I think he might be reading this too.....neh neh neh!

  4. Have a wonderful time, hope you can add to that bird list Mat and Georgia.

  5. Yes....we got a black falcon and a collared sparrowhawk today. Woke up to the sound of a pied butcher bird today too...can't top that! Think I'll drive the girls mad or drive off the road rubbernecking at feathered friends guys! Hope your trip is going well...