Wednesday, July 21, 2010


We are so good at packing up now...that I blinked and the van was on behind the Kluger! Lol! No...but we're pretty quick at getting it all on and setting off down the road.

We had a few stops on the way...firstly we dropped into the Adelaide River Inn to see Charlie. Who's Charlie? He's the water buffalo you see blocking the road in the first Crocodile Dundee movie and Mick Dundee (Paul Hogan) hypnotises him....that's if you've seen it. We went in to say hello to him and get a photo of him, but he didn't say much, because he's as dead as a doornail and stuffed now...and water buffalo can't talk either. He stands on the bar in the pub. Lucky he can't unleash a load! Wouldn't like that landing on my pot of beer or bar meal!

After Charlie, we drove down to the Adelaide War Cemetery. I tell you, it's the most magnificently kept cemetery and has beautiful manicured lawns and an extensive tropical garden around it. We all walked around the graves of those lost during the bombing of Darwin (World War II) and felt quite sad reading about boys as young as 16 that were killed defending our country. There was even a grave containing 7 people....all postal workers killed while keeping the lines of communication open in Darwin during the war. It was quite a sombre place to walk around and it really did make you feel a little sad thinking of how different life was back then for those people...and how lucky we all are today to be safe and live in such a great country....anyhoo...there's Matt's one and only deep and meaningful for this blog...soz! On a brighter note, we found a couple of great bowerbirds (they're everywhere up here) and then we found it's bower....full of snail shells....bits of rings of old cans etc... We've started calling Freyja "Bower" now because she keeps collecting rubbish around caravan parks (or wherever she goes) and keeps dumping these items in her nest (our van or the back seat of the car!).

We got to Douglas Daly by lunch time and set up the van quickly. After some lunch and a cuppa, we set off to the Douglas River Esplanade, where we saw a beautiful rapids, a small weir and a place called "The Arches" where some people swim through them and onto a beach. I was too scared to do it because they do have crocs (salties), although they say they have caught them all....but who's to know? Anyway...we went below The Arches and found a shallow beach in the river....where lots of people were we did (well Bec didn't and neither did Mum), but we felt safe there...swimming under paperbarks and pandanus...and right next to us was a huge croc trap! Lol...Will post a photo of it for you to see!

After the swim, we drove up to the Douglas Hot Springs where we had yet another swim. This time we got in the river...and had to get straight back out again...the water here is so hot it scolds....around 60 degrees celcius! You can see it bubbling up through the sand! We walked down stream a little way and found a spot where cooler water merges with the hot you lie in the shallows....with currents of hot and cold washing past you....awesome! I loved the spot. I just lay on my back looking up at the sky with hot/cold/hot/cold etc. going on for ages. Everyone got in here....and even Mum said the water was hot! Those that know Mum will realise that the water must have been pretty warm! We tried walking as far up stream as we could...but still had to stop 10m short of the springs because it's so hot! The girls spent time there making sand castles and trying to find luck...although someone said that snakes and frogs were around a bit....but we didnt' see any of them either....

...until the shower that night....there I am...having a nice private shower...with around 25 frogs! They were behind the door, on the walls, on the top of the the sinks....everywhere! Some even went into the cistern of the toilet when you walked past! Lol.... No snakes though although we keep seeing Golden Tree Snakes everywhere....which are quite beautiful and harmless snakes. to Katherine do the gorge etc.


  1. WHOOOOO! i bet Kath at first post!!!!

    sounds great! glad your all having fun!!


  2. Great read and photos. Is the weather still hot? Yes as everyone says, still cold down here. Looks like no rain for the next week so back to frosts, but at least the days are sunny. Remember the cemetery, Gary was in his element as you can imagine!!! I am sure you will enjoy the spectacular scenery of the gorge. Don't think too much about home as you will be here before you know it.

  3. Hey MBGF,
    Sounds like all of you are having such a nice, long holiday. Missing you all lots and lots. I am doing an Irish dancing comp on the 8th of August in Tazzy. The pictures are great. Sounds like it is still very hot up there. Can't wait till you come home.
    From Jess Evans

  4. Very funny Ellie is that Twilight or Ellie.L?
    Dear MBFG,
    Anyway guys sounds soooooooooo awesome.
    All the scenery sounds beautiful!!!
    Love Kath

  5. Gday MBGF,

    Loved reading the post and really enjoyed looking at all of your photos again.
    The crocodile trap was awesome and big.

    Hope that you enjoyed having the shower with all of those frog friends of yours. Good to hear that you are still being very social up there. Lol

    "Wish it was me up there with the crocs" Kurtis
    "Did you see any rare frogs?" Chelsea
    "My birthday today!!!" Kaitlyn
    "Happy Birthday Kaitlyn" Everyone
    "I wish I was there to see Charlie" Breanna
    "You must be in heaven, it is freezing down here!" Bella
    "How much rubbish has Freyja (bower) got?" Tom
    "I agree with you calling Frey 'bower'" K-Man

    Take care guys!


  6. for the record...


    (1st post was me Kath)

  7. Hey Ellie, Kath, guys are very loyal

    Fruities...great to hear from you guys again. Happy birthday to Kaitlyn. Happy belated birthday to Miss Bella Tatchell from all of us...G hasn't forgotten...she bought you a present a week or so you'll just have to wait! Funny one're right though...she is a real bower. Maybe one day Bree you can go up and see Charlie....I don't think he's gunna run Tom...she has heaps of stuff in her bower...Mrs P has to clean the nest out a lot! Chels...not sure if they are rare or not...but we have seen and killed heaps of Cane Toads! Miss you guys too...we leave Katherine tomorrow and head for Queensland....

    Golivers....glad you guys keep in touch. It is still very warm in Katherine. About 31 today...was cooler yesterday at 28...but warm nights. Apparently in the local paper (NT News) they are going for their warmest July ever in the Top End. The poor centre is freezing though. Tell Gary that the bird sightings have been really hard of late. Can't even find a Northern Rosella!

  8. Hey all,
    Our class is counting down the days til' you get back!! Really missing you!

    G, got some cool news for when you get back, it can wait tho...

    Anyways, good on u freyja with the rubbish. Can't wait to see you all. xx Love Annabelle!

  9. Hi MBGF, looks like you rae having fun! Also looks like it is nice and hot up there, you lucky ducks, it is ffffffffffffffffffffrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggggggggggggggggggggdown here. what was that cage thing half in the water on your 6th photo??????????????. Loking forward to your next post.

    Matthew Werkmeister ( Zeke Kinski ) lol ( Ellie l)

    P.S i do not like Caitlin Staceys